Friday, November 18, 2016

A discussion and live demonstration of one integrated platform for knowledge sharing

Hello everyone,

Regarding item 1) b. (in email on November 18th, 2016)

May I share an example of the use of a blog with integrated Padlet online "graffiti" wall that we will be using for an upcoming medical education conference (see link below).

Essentially, the blog is the indexed digital content repository, for both created and curated content, with the Padlet online "graffiti" wall the pre-session, intra-session, and post-session asynchronous, and synchronous engagement platform. Both the blog, and Padlet wall can be open access, semi-open access, or private (password protected, for group members only). My choice of both platforms, which can be integrated (Padlet wall embedded within a blog), is ease of use, flexibility, that both are free (no charge to use either platform, but effort required to systematically add to, curate and index content or "sweat capital" is of course required, from both authors and participants), and that Google and Padlet are established platforms which have been around for many years and not likely going away - my backup contingency plan for this process is regularly archiving content/blog and Padlet posts on separate platform (this can be your choice of storage media or secure cloud storage).

The use of both the blog and Padlet wall integrates, but separates the functionality of Facebook, which most or all of us are probably familiar with, with the blog providing single author overview (for adminstration and integration of regular Padlet wall posts), and the Padlet wall a communication and online sharing / collaborative workspace.

Other platforms which I use, and have considered proposing to the SIG include WhatsApp, WeChat and Twitter, for immediately and ease of use - however the ability to write and post longer (or short) communications, attach links, documents and illustrations, not to mention much less intrusiveness and "pressure to respond" when using an online "graffiti" wall coupled with a blog compared to WhatsApp, WeChat or Twitter deterred me from suggesting these.

Please go ahead and post freely on the Padlet wall embedded within the demonstration blog (weblink below). Either double tap or click anywhere on the "writing surface" or tap or click the big red + button bottom right of the Padlet wall.

You can choose to post / write and attach documents, illustrations, links either on the Padlet wall within the blog, or by opening the Padlet wall link separately - i.e. use the blog to review, and Padlet link to post and edit. As long as you use the same device, you can continue to edit or delete any previous post that you have made. (The administrator(s) has overall curatorial and editing privileges). I have formatted the Padlet wall to place the latest post at the top of the page for ease of tracking (alternative formats are freeform - like Post It Notes on wall, or a grid). (Padlet link)

Will give a "live" demo when we meet, in person and virtually.
In the meantime, please post your comments and pre-session thoughts on the Padlet wall, and please identify yourself with initials - for the moment, have made this Padlet wall open access, and open view, but not searchable on Google, and not highlighted on public space for the Padlet community.

With warmest regards,

Poh Sun

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